A tractor is loading newly harvested sugar cane onto a cane train in North Queensland, Australia.

Shane Webcke: A Message we all need to Remember

Former Brisbane Broncos, Queensland and Australian Rugby League Star, Shane Webcke, has an important message for us all: “I lost my dad in a workplace incident, so I know first-hand that family and loved ones are the most important reason for work safety.”  Having been affected by something that we should all guard against, be aware of and unfortunately be prepared for, he has since gone on to become an ambassador for Workplace Safety.

Workplace accidents take the lives of hardworking sons, daughters, mothers and fathers all-too-often.  In addition to the heartbreak that comes from such a tragedy, the havoc of losing the main income from the household adds unnecessary additional stress.

Shane Webcke now works with Workcover QLD on campaigns to help raise awareness of Workplace safety. To see more on the campaign, visit http://bit.ly/1JKVL3s.

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